SELECT a1.*, b1.status_Title, c1.type_Title, d1.* FROM `mod_ap_property` AS a1 LEFT JOIN (`mod_ap_property_status` AS b1) ON (a1.property_StatusID=b1.status_ID) LEFT JOIN (`mod_ap_property_type` AS c1) ON (c1.type_ID=a1.property_TypeID) LEFT JOIN (mod_ap_property_logo AS d1) ON (d1.photo_PID = a1.property_ID) WHERE a1.client_uid=10657 AND ( a1.property_StatusID='16492' OR a1.property_StatusID='16493' OR a1.property_StatusID='16494' OR a1.property_StatusID='16495') GROUP BY a1.property_ID ORDER BY b1.status_Title ASC , a1.property_ListPrice DESC LIMIT 10, 5
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