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The Land is Under All
Pullman Real Estate News
By Lori Cofer, Realtor

The land is under all.  That is a basic concept in Real Estate.  I was reminded of this when I recently took some classes to further my education.  One of the things we must do as professionals is commit ourselves to always further our education.  And to take what we glean and use it to better serve our clients.  

This phrase has been going around and around in my head as of late, especially when it comes to building a home in Pullman Washington or really anywhere for that matter.  The soil is the basis for that home.  It is the foundation for that foundation on which the home is erected.  

Many folks overlook an important aspect in determining a lot.  They will look at the location.  True...very important.  And the price...also important.  Although when compared to the structure it contains, maybe not so much.  I personally think location is very important. And the lay of the dirt determines the house that will serve that piece of land to the highest and best purpose.  You can't just sit any old plan on any old lot.  Such careless planning will haunt you one day. True these are all important aspects in determining a lot...but one is often overlooked!  What is that you might ask?  A soil test.   Why a soil test?  Well in a basic soil test they will determine the stability of the soil.  And believe me, you want stability in a lot.  I would liken a soil test to a inspection of completed structure.  Buyer beware!  Get that soil tested and make it a contingency of your offer....after all the land is under all...including your new dream home.


Building a New Home
Pullman Real Estate News
By Lori Cofer ~ REALTOR

If you are thinking of building a new home, you most likely have a vision of what your new home will look like.  This article touches on just a few of today's trends in building.

Today's trends are toward open floor plans and spacious kitchens.  Gone are the days of compartmentalized rooms.  The new generation of homes have a flow from room to room providing both large areas for gatherings and private spaces.  

Due to lifestyle changes the kitchen and adjoining family rooms have become the heart of our homes, both for family times as well as entertaining. 

Bedrooms have also undergone great changes.  The days of a room merely for sleeping have also disappeared.  Today's new plans boast large, spacious master suites to retreat from the pressures of everyday life.  Children's rooms are also being redefined with individualized study/play areas. 

We have also become a media centered generation and this too is reflecting in our homes.  Built in media centers,  ipod docs, and surrund sound  are a great new addition to today's new homes.  

Today's new homes are leaning toward more environmental
responsibility.  Increased awareness of the spiraling cost of energy is resulting  in increased energy efficiency.  Many homeowners are also considering  building "green."

hese are just a few current trends that are making their way into the building industry.  If you considered building, do feel free to call me.  I would be happy to take the stress out of building your new home.   It might surprise you how cost-effective and fun it can be!


Pullman WA Real Estate -- Building Your New Custom Home

Pullman Real Estate News
By Lori Cofer ~ REALTOR
Custom Home Pullman WA
You are about to embark on building a custom home. There are few things in life as rewarding as watching your new home emerge before your very eyes. But where do you begin?

The first step in building your new custom home is choosing a lot that meets your needs. No doubt, there are many lots from which to choose. But how do you find a lot that suits you and your plans for that new home?

 This is where a REALTOR® can help ease the building Realtor Pullman WAprocess for you. This is because a REALTOR® can provide a local knowledge of the area and lots available in the various neighborhoods that you might be considering.

For example, you might want a location based on it's curb appeal, or maybe its location in relation to work, shopping, schools etc. Furthermore, they also understand the dynamics and typical values in a given neighborhood. This is important because you want your new home situated among homes of a similar value.

Also, REALTORS® tour many homes on a regular basis. As they do, they get a better understanding of the work of the builders in their local area. They can be a great source to help you select a few quality builders for you to interview prior to beginning the process of building your new home. Your REALTOR® can also co-ordinate for you to tour some examples of their work.

Building Plan Pullman WAAnother benefit of using a REALTOR® is they have a good feel for the various floor plans you might be considering, and show you some homes that would provide you a better understanding as well. There is a great deal to consider as you look at various floor plans such as the layout of the floor plan, the flow of the plan, the feel for the size of the rooms, etc. They also might be able to help you see potential changes that could be made in the plans that would fit your lifestyle.

Door Pullman WA 
Also, a REALTOR®, with their understanding of their local market, can be most helpful when it comes to keeping an eye on the possibility of re-sale. It is nice to know that you have brought your REALTOR®  on board of your team of experts early on in the process with an eye toward the future!!!

If you are thinking of building in Pullman Washington, I would love to help you begin the process of making your new custom home a reality. Building may not be as expensive or as time consuming as you think. I would love to help you explore the possibility of making your dream home a reality!

 About the Author:The above piece was provided by Lori Cofer, a local Pullman WA Real Estate Agent. Lori can be reached via email at loricofer@yahoo.com or by phone at 509-330-0086. Lori is happy to assist you in all your Pullman real estate and Moscow Real Estate needs.

Looking for Moscow Idaho Real Estate?  Lori is happy to assist you in all your Pullman Washington Real Estate and Moscow Idaho Real Estate needs.  Lori is "Your Moscow Idaho Real Estate Connection"

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